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Tournament History

In the early years, the Whitehall Tournament was exclusive to men.  In 2001 it was decided to make the tournament a mixed event.  In 2010, to mark the clubs 125th anniversary,  further modification was made.  The 37th Tournament comprised distinct women's and men's championships.  Each had their own qualifying days, with green play being combined in the final stages to provide an integrated event.  The changes were introduced to ensure that the Tournament maintains the substantive support it currently attracts, both locally and nationally. The Tournament relies on the continued support from our sponsors and participation by International bowlers is an essential feature of the event.  The new dual championship format for 2010 was unique and proved very successful and, as a result, will continue in future Tournaments.

The Whitehall Invitation Pairs Tournament is considered a premier bowling event.  Apart from the Whitehall Tournament it is unlikely that the North East of Scotland would attract international players in the volume seen at Whitehall annually, let alone them being seen competing against local club bowlers in the manner in which the Tournament is run.

The BowlsScotland National Championships, for example, are held in Ayr each year.  The last major lawn bowling event held in Aberdeen that involved any volume of international players was the World Bowls Championship in 1984, the now defunct Woolwich Masters and the World Championship Singles in 2008.  All of these were held at the Westburn Park, Aberdeen but they were for international players only.

"The Tournament is undoubtedly one of the biggest bowls competitions in the country.  I can't praise it enough, and for the professional manner in which the event is managed each year.  It is appreciated that this type of even can only be sustained by the massive assistance of sponsors, local communities and hard working club members.  I think I speak for every competitor to have had the privilege of playing in this tournament in hoping that this major event can continue for many years to come" Darren Burnett, Scottish International

In contrast to the early days of the Tournament, it has been recognised that international players require out-of-pocket expenses and accommodation costs if they are participation away from home.  These outlays are account for a sizeable part of the running costs.  International players are now able to compete at televised events where the financial rewards are greater than at Whitehall. 

As a result, the Tournament has not been able to attract players from England, Ireland, Wales or Jersey for a number of years.  With the support of existing sponsors, the prize fund for the Tournament as it stands has remained reasonably respectable.

To secure the success of the Tournament additional sponsorship is alwaysught. Additional funding will help increase the value of the prize fund as well as broaden the range of the UK international players participating in the Tournament once again.  The current cost of running the Tournament is close on £15,000 annually.


Whitehall Bowling Club is grateful to all our tournament sponsors - Audrey Fotheringham, Drum Property Group, Belhaven & Matthew Clark for choosing to be our Tournament sponsors.

If you have occasion to require the any of the services that our sponsors provide, please do make contact with them first, and make them aware that you were alerted on the potential to use them as a result of supporting the Whitehall Tournament. We want to let our sponsors know that they can benefit from supporting our event.

Without our sponsors, our Tournament could not exist. Their continued support is greatly appreciated by both the Whitehall Tournament Committee and the participating players. If you are a potential sponsor or if you know of a potential sponsor please contact us. 

We would like to give special thanks to our sponsors, details and links to their websites can be found on the Home page.

Tournament Sponsors
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