The Club Competitions are up and running. The sheet for the Mens Club Triples is up on the noticeboard, so there is still an opportunity to get your name in the draw.


The early planning for the 2018 Whitehall Pairs Tournament is now underway. Watch this space for updates.


Ladies Qualifying is on Saturday the 14 July, with the Gents Qualifying and later stages of there Tournament taking place between Tuesday 31 July and Saturday the 4 August.

Bowls Scotland Championships 2018 District 4 - Whitehall participants.

You can check their dates of play/venues etc, and monitor their progress on the Bon-Accord Bowling Association website: www.bonaccordbowlingassociation.teamapp.com


Gents Singles -                  Kevin Phillip

Gents Pairs -                     Alex Badenoch & Colin Mathers

Gents Triples -                 Derek Murray, Kevin Pirie & Duncan Nicolson

Gents Fours -                    Ian Anderson, Andy Hughson

Gents Senior Fours -       Alex Badenoch, Ian Anderson, Andy Hughson & Alan Petrie

                                           Alan Perry & team

                                           Jim Raitt & Team

Gents Senior Singles -     Bill Blackwood

                                            Clark Whitley

                                            Norman Shearer

Gents Under 25 Singles - Matt Mc George


Ladies Singles -               Emma Reid

ladies Junior Singles -    Emma Reid

Ladies Pairs.                -   Elsie Cowie/Lorraine Mearns

Ladies Triples. -              Hazel Forest/Sheena Shearer/Grace Whitley

Ladies Fours -                 Rosie Campbell/Heather Mc George/Linda Knowles/Iren Hosie

Ladies Senior Singles -  Linda Knowles

Ladies Senior Fours.  -  Irene Munro/Jennifer Milne/Moira Ayrton/Grace Whitley