Green Reports - 2018


The WBC Green Warden


July - So managing a Bowling Green is not too much fun at the moment. Whilst last year we had to deal with unusual amounts of rain, this year by contrast is dishing out amazing amounts of beautiful sunshine - and no rain. At Whitehall, we are trying very heard to keep the grass as healthy (and as short) as we can, but sections of it have now turned hydrophobic despite us regularly using the various wetting agent treatments we have at our disposal. We are aware that members do not like the Green when it plays a little heavier following watering - but watering is essential to help keep the grass alive, and that has to be our first consideration in these circumstances. So this coming Monday(2nd July) we will be arranging for a 'mechanical deep tine' to the Green, which will be followed up by a nice feed of 'Compost Tea' and 'wetting agent' application designed to drift further down into the 'root zone', a help create a deeper and healthier root zone.  Hopefully, that will make a bit of a difference. The work we are doing should not have an adverse effect on the playability of the Green. 


MayThe 2018 season is now well underway, and early indications are that all out hard work over the close season has paid off - this was despite the very inclement weather during the early part of the year. At Whitehall we have been using the Symbio Programme and products over the last five years or so now. That approach, and a lot of hard work from our voluntary Green Staff members has brought its rewards we feel insofar as we have a far more consistent, and manageable sward on the green throughout the season.

      Mechanical Seeding - 2016.                                                             Top Dressing & Levelling

Our 2017 end of year programme comprised of a very heavy scarify (two ways), a re-seed, and a top dressing (around five tons). In February 2018 of this year we aerarated the green with 18mm tines to a depth of 125mm and left them open. Later we gave it another double scarify and then had it given an 'Air2G2' treatment - go to to see how it operates. The 'Air2 G2' treatment will be repeated another twice during the season. This treatment helps break down the sub-soil crust (approx 175mm to 300 mm) thus helping with drainage, improving deeper root growth, and more importantly, getting oxygen into the soil.






Mechanical re-seeding